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Social Anxiety

Sometimes common activities that others take for granted can become a struggle. It may feel scary to be seen or noticed. You may dread social obligations or avoid social events. Your relationships or friendships may suffer, and it can be hard to make friends. Perhaps you use alcohol to feel comfortable in social settings. Social anxiety can be isolating, but you do not need to struggle alone.

Let therapy help you learn to enjoy being around others.

Health Anxiety

The fear of germs or illness can feel like a never-ending vortex of anxiety. Common occurences that others take for granted, like a headache or tingle, can begin a spiral of fear and reassurance-seeking. Maybe a doctor unwittingly triggered your health anxiety by suggesting a possible diagnosis or a diagnostic test. Others may tell you that you are fine, but you don’t believe them. You want to stop worrying so much and analyzing your body for anything wrong, but you don’t know how.

Let yourself get help through therapy, and reclaim your life.

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